Digital Transformation

We hosted an event last month talking about Digital Transformation at Harry Cary’s. The feedback that we got was great! For those that didn’t attend, it is not a technology or IT thing. It is more about strategy and using technology to support the strategy.

There were some terrific articles and studies referenced and available online:

It is about disruption and new ways to do things. It can be a thought provoking and interesting exercise in thinking about your industry segment and how it is changing. It is incredible that some of these starups (called Unicorns) have valuations over $1B.

As we close in one the end of the year, there is a lot of planning that is being done for 2017.

  • Goals
  • Plans
  • Cost-cutting opportunities
  • Improved service(s) and/or processes
  • New applications
  • New ways to engage clients and partners

It is really interesting to review some of the articles and project how it could change/disrupt your business or industry. In IT, build vs. run. You certainly need technology, but people and process solve business challenges.


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