Choose a Microsoft 365 subscription

How do you choose a @Microsoft 365 subscription for your business that enables you to get the most of your Microsoft cloud service? Have 53 seconds? Watch this video for a quick demo.

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How We Keep the Microsoft Cloud Up and Running

Curious to find out how, and where, the @Microsoft #Cloud operates?

Watch this video for a peek behind the scenes of Microsoft’s operations rooms where highly trained technicians and AI monitor the data center’s critical infrastructure.Message us if you’d like to know how DSN Group, Inc. can help you achieve a resilient and reliable cloud infrastructure. ⛅

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What is a composable infrastructure?

As you move to cloud infrastructures, you may find different configurations are better suited for your purposes. Composable infrastructure treats compute, storage, and network devices as pools of resources that can be divided as needed. It all depends on your different workloads and what they require for optimal performance.

At DSN Group, Inc., we know that choosing the right infrastructure for your business can be a challenge. We’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you identify and implement a modern IT infrastructure for all your workloads.

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A Couple Steps to Improve Your Cybersecurity

Security is one of the key areas that companies are looking to improve. Ask any senior IT manager and it ranks as one of the top initiatives. Ask almost any business executive and it is also a high ranking topic. I have been on several calls with our resident security analyst and he almost always…

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Guest Wi-Fi is Expected Almost Everywhere… Some Tips On How To Set It Up

Guest Wi-Fi

Wireless technology has been advancing, improving and becoming much more prevalent. There is a tremendous amount of innovation taking place in the space. And many markets & use-cases being served, such as: IoT (internet-of-things), BYOD, Smart-cities, sporting event stadiums/arenas, hospitality, and corporate businesses. Some of the Wi-Fi vendors have added security and analytics features to…

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Hitachi Addresses Capability Gaps in Public Safety

Picture this. A terrorist is targeting one of the major high-rise buildings downtown. He picks up his cell phone and types an update to Facebook so his family knows he’s ok. Just as he hits “Post,” law enforcement swoops in from every angle and surrounds him so there is nowhere for him to run. They…

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Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud. What Does My Organization Need?

The rumors are true. Adopting a cloud infrastructure can save yourorganization money in the long run, but it is important to choose the right cloud solution for your enterprise needs in order to maximize resources with an investment that aligns with your budget. Unfortunately, it’s the leg work that goes into choosing the right cloud…

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How Hybrid Cloud Technology Compares

If the predictions come true, 2017 will be a groundbreaking year for organizations to accelerate cloud adoption and enhancements. In the IT Trends Report 2016: The Hybrid IT Evolution, 92% of IT professionals surveyed confirmed that adopting cloud technologies was critical to their organization’s long-term success. Since so many businesses are weighing the pros and…

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