Saving time with Microsoft Teams

Through #MicrosoftTeams, information workers save four hours per week from improved collaboration and information sharing. What are the other ways they are saving time with Teams? Access this infographic and contact DSN Group, Inc. for more information.

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DaaS and Citrix Managed Desktop: Flexibility and Scalability

Managing your remote workforce may be complicated, but when you work with DSN Group, Inc., your IT doesn’t have to be. Watch this video to see how our Citrix’s DaaS offering simplifies IT with a managed virtualized desktop solution — so employees can get work done anywhere.

#Windows10 #DaaS

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Crash Course in Microsoft Teams

Collaborating with your nonprofit staff members, donors and constituents quickly and efficiently is everyone’s goal. Make sure your team has access to this e-book, “Crash Court in Microsoft Teams,” and contact DSN Group, Inc. for more information.

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10 Tips for remote and onsite work with Teams.

We’re all working in new ways. To stay competitive, your customers need solutions that help them be resilient, connected, and support the flow of work wherever it happens. Set them up for success with Microsoft Teams. Read More…

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Largest and most trusted

Don’t miss a beat in protecting your data. Subscribe now for the latest on @Microsoft365 security with integrated threat protection.

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Citrix and Microsoft: Showcasing Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Workspace

Whether collaborating in Microsoft Teams, watching videos or accessing files, your remote employees need seamless access to Microsoft Windows. DSN Group, Inc. delivers optimized access to Windows 10 virtual desktops via Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Watch this video for a walkthrough of the user experience.

#Windows10 #VirtualAppsandDesktops 

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Security Solution Overview

With #Microsoft #AdvancedThreatProtection, #AzureSecurity, and #AzureSentinel you can reduce the number of security vendors you manage and safeguard your organization, without sacrificing productivity. Together they form a complete, intelligent solution that helps secure corporate data and protect against bad actors, while taking advantage of the transformative opportunities presented by cloud computing. Watch the video to learn more.

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Taking a step to the cloud with Citrix and WVD

 Looking for the best way to deliver Windows Virtual Desktop in a hybrid cloud? DSN Group, Inc. recommends viewing this infographic on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, perfect for scaling to the cloud while maintaining on-premises investments, resources, and policies.

#WindowsVirtualDesktop #VirtualAppsandDesktops

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