Free Hybrid Work Consultation

If the word ‘work’ is missing from your hybrid work environment, you’ve got a problem. Contact the experts at DSN Group, Inc. to schedule a free @Microsoft #hybridwork consultation.

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Leaner, Fitter and More Agile Healthcare with Citrix

How can your healthcare organization deliver secure, mobile access to patient records? This blog about a U.K. healthcare agency that uses @Citrix DaaS will give you some ideas. Reply to learn we can put Citrix to work for you.

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More ways to collaborate seamlessly outside your organization with Microsoft Teams

Successful external collaboration is a big driver of successful business outcomes. See how @Microsoft 365 provides multiple options when collaborating with external organizations in Microsoft Teams. Tell us if you’d like a Microsoft Teams expert from DSN Group, Inc. to show how we can help you lift your external collaborations to new heights.

#MicrosoftTeams #Microsoft365

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Cloud Migration Cost Assessment

Cost optimization in Azure can be a complicated process. A @Microsoft partner, DSN Group, Inc. uses lessons learned from successful Azure cost-optimization journeys to help our customers simplify the path. Receive a free Cloud Migration Cost Assessment when you schedule direct.

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Performance enhancements to Microsoft Teams lead to faster response times

Are slow program response times hurting your hybrid work meetings? Read how @Microsoft has streamlined Teams adding more fluidity and less lag. Share your thoughts and get in touch to have a @Microsoft Teams expert from DSN Group, Inc. show you how to take hybrid work productivity to new heights.

#hybridwork #MicrosoftTeams

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