Microsoft Teams Innovations Designed for Hybrid Work

The shift to remote work has changed how, when, and where we work. Microsoft Teams empowers employees with the tools for success in the new hybrid work model. Presenters can utilize updated features like chat, live reactions, and Whiteboard to make the Teams meetings experience uniquely modern. Update your Outlook calendar to reflect your new hours or remote status or join an in-person meeting using new intelligent cameras and AI powered active speakers that enhance connection.

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Expand Collaboration

Discover how #Microsoft Teams customizes and expand collaboration while working remotely, keeping your team engaged, connected, and secure. Subscribe here!

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Red Bull Racing Honda and Citrix Workspace: Efficiency, Agility, and Security

Give us a đź‘Ť if you love a winner. Then read this customer story on how Citrix helps Red Bull Racing Honda keep car testing data secure behind-the-scenes. Discover how Citrix Workspace allows the team to share a physical testing space while keeping data entirely separate. Get in touch to discuss how the team at DSN Group, Inc. can help you achieve something similar in your workplace.

#CitrixWorkspace #data

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Common myths (and facts) about open source

“For some companies, the idea of adopting open-source software doesn’t seem viable. There are many myths about open source, but the truth is that it can facilitate security, be easy to maintain and integrate, and scale to whatever heights you require.

Whether you’re concerned about security, maintenance, or compatibility, open source can open up a world of possibilities for companies across all industries.

Sign up to stay connected—we can help you learn more about using Microsoft Azure DevOps with GitHub and Visual Studio and unravel the myths and facts about open source.

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On-Premises to Cloud: A Workspace Service Journey

87% of companies will accelerate their cloud migration in the near future. Comment if you know your timeframe. Download this whitepaper to explore the benefits of moving your Citrix services to the cloudincluding simplified installation, management, upgrades and integrations. Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help navigate your move in 5 simple steps.

#CitrixWorkspace #remotework

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Cortex XDR: Safeguard Your Entire Organization

When you’re faced with a shortage of security talent, you need a radical new approach to detection and response.

Meet the Cortex® XDR™: the world’s 1st extended detection & response platform. Read this & contact a DSN Group, Inc. expert to learn how the XDR 3.0 helps prevent, detect, & respond to threats.

#securitytalent #XDR

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Saving time with Microsoft Teams

Saving time during the work week is made possible with Microsoft Teams. Have fewer, shorter meetings with better collaboration and easy-to-share information. Check out this infographic here

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 Accelerate Your Move to Cloud with Citrix and Google Cloud

Comment if you know the fastest way to move or extend Citrix VDA workloads on VMware VSphere to the cloud. If you answered “Google Cloud VMware Engine,” pat yourself on the back! Then, read this blog on all the ways Citrix and Google Cloud simplify cloud migration. Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help you reap all the benefits — like low latency access, unlimited scalability and the ability to rapidly increase capacity on demand.

#GoogleCloud #VMware #Citrix

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5 Reasons to Migrate to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Microsoft Azure

If you run some or all of your Citrix workloads on-premises, view this infographic for 5 great reasons to migrate to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Microsoft Azure. See how to accelerate digital transformation, amplify IT cost savings and increase employee productivity in a flexible, secure work environment.

#WFH #VirtualAppsandDesktops #Azure

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Now is the time for Microsoft Teams

As the working world is going remote, now is the time for Microsoft Teams. Meet with your peers and get work done anywhere – on the go, at the office, even from your living room couch. Check out how to collaborate and come together with this valuable infographic!

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