Security Intelligence – visibility into threats and risks

It seems like every week there are security events being reported. Big and small companies alike. And across all types of business – financial services, healthcare, retail, government, media & entertainment and education. Security, specifically cyber-security has become uber important.

So as a company, what should we do? What is prudent and responsible? What is an acceptable amount of risk for our company or our brand to take? …All good questions that require some thought, planning and consideration.

The following are some interesting (possibly scary) facts regarding security:

  • In 2014, the average number of days to detect a breach/event was over 200 …. over 6 months.
  • Almost 2/3’s of the firms that were breached, learned about the breach from an outside source/entity.
  • In the US there were more than 700 reported breaches in 2014 – and it is estimated that only 15% of all breaches are reported.

Increasing our security posture has become a part of doing business. Threats, malware, and breaches all cost huge dollars in lost productivity, proprietary information, trade secrets and corporate goodwill. The cost to corporations can be enormous … costing industry billions of dollars a year.

Using a SIEM – Security Intelligence and event management solution is a great way to improve your security posture.

The “bad guys” are focusing on the weakest link(s) to compromise corporate information. By using a SIEM we can see anomalous behavior in users, network(s) and endpoints. A SIEM provides visibility into threats and risks that otherwise go unseen.

Come to one of our security intelligence workshops or play 20 questions with one of our solution experts. We always like talking shop.

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