The ‘New Normal’ Also Applies to the Cyber Threat Landscape

In efforts to adapt to hybrid work norms, threat actors are adopting their own new normal. What do you need to know to protect your organization? Get insight from Deep Instinct. Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help your organization thrive in our hybrid work norm.


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How to Protect Your Apps and APIs Across Multicloud Environments

Your apps and API are your most valuable assets. What’s your strategy for protecting them against cyber threats? Feel free to share what works for you in the comments. Download this eBook to learn how @Citrix Web App and API Protection (CWAAP) can help you provide holistic, proven and layered protection against known and zero-day attacks, bring ease of use and simplicity to a complex security landscape, and protect any app in any cloud.

Contact DSN Group, Inc. to discuss how our experts can help you keep apps and APIs secure.

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What are the risks of employees using personal smartphones for work? Retweet to get the conversation going. How can DSN Group, Inc. can help you with your mobile threat defense strategy? @msftsecurity #ThreatProtection

According to InfoSecurity Group, 39% of workers reported using personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access corporate data in the cloud. What are the risks?

Simply stated, attackers can access home networks, then use unprotected personal devices as a steppingstone into the corporate networks they’re connected to. How can your organization protect against this growing problem? Contact DSN Group, Inc. and talk to one of our @Microsoft mobile threat defense experts to discuss next steps. #ThreatProtection #cybersecurity

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Your Guide to Mobile Digital Forensics

Mobile forensics is fast-moving. What challenges have your investigators come up against? In this blog post, find tips and guidance for approaching an investigation, avoiding common mistakes, building a strong forensics team and staying positive when things get frustrating.😊 Get the guide. Get in touch for a one-on-walk through from a DSN Group, Inc. digital forensics expert.

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Cloud-Delivered Security for the Digital Workspace

In hybrid and remote work environments, traditional VPN and MPLS connectivity models are no match for your security requirements. How can DSN Group, Inc. help you address this gap?

To learn how to successfully balance remote workplace functionality with data security, download this timely solution brief and see how @Citrix Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) converges your networking and security for a consistent workspace experience.



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Russia-Ukraine Cyberattacks: How to Protect Against Related Cyberthreats

To neutralize Russia’s escalating #cyberwarfare against western businesses and government agencies, your business must immediately:

• Patch internet-facing & business-critical software
• Prepare for ransomware & data destruction
• Prepare to respond quickly
• Lock down your network

Read @Palo Alto Networks full analysis of this escalating and unprecedented threat.

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Ransomware by Industry

How would you score on a ransomware quiz? What 3 industries do you think are hit the most? Give us your thoughts in the comments. Get a reality check by viewing this infographic by the Microsoft Detection and Response Team on ransomware-by-industry trends. Feeling vulnerable? Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help you stop ransomware in its tracks with Microsoft Azure.

#Microsoft #Azure #ransomware

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Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters

What is the best way to make reliable datacenters and manage IT infrastructure across the cloud?

Watch “Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters” and “like” if you like what Microsoft delivers in the cloud.

Comment if you’d like help from DSN Group, Inc.making the most of Microsoft cloud.  

#Microsoft #cloud #Azure

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Straight up Security

Zero Trust with @PaloAltoNetworks & @Nutanix offers unrivaled benefits, including:

✅ Simplicity of Flow as built into the hypervisor—just license and click to turn on
✅ Easy to deploy microsegmentation
✅ Threat detection & prevention

For an in-depth look, watch👇 and DM or drop a comment to get pricing and implementation details.

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