Top 10 Ways to Secure Your Business Data

Microsoft 365 offers a full range of security capabilities such as advanced threat protection for endpoints, email, collaboration and information protection. Here are 10 ways the different subscriptions help you secure your business data 👇 Tell us if you’d like to discuss your various options with one of DSN Group, Inc.’s @Microsoft experts.

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3 Reasons to Shift to Integrated Threat Protection

How can businesses reduce their cyber threat response time by 88%? The first step is to empower your SecOps team with intelligent, integrated security tools.

Download this eBook to learn about @Microsoft SIEM and XDR integration. 👉

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Free Security Solutions Consultation

Like a professional sports team, security teams need to recruit and assess the right players. An experienced Microsoft solutions provider like DSN Group, Inc. can be an MVP. Schedule a free Security Solutions Consultation. Just fill out the request form.

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Free Phishing Security Training Consultation

Reduce your company’s risk of hacking and data theft. Arm your employees with the information they need to avoid phishing and malware traps.

DSN Group, Inc. invites you to schedule your free Phishing Security Training Consultation today.

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Reduce Remote Cybersecurity Risks with ZTNA as a Service

How do you manage the risk from employees using personal devices to access your system? Considering sharing your tips. For more, read this @Citrix blog about how zero trust closes windows of vulnerability to devices and apps that don’t meet your compliance standards.

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Security is Only as Good as Your Weakest Link

A recent study revealed that 50% of people admit to letting family and friends use their work-issued device. Read the blog for more insight 💡 on the “human factor” as the weakest link in security and contact a DSN Group, Inc. @Microsoft Security expert for a deeper dive.


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Meet with Me

For decades, technology has been positioned as something to fear rather than embrace on the frontlines. Book a meeting to discuss how the team at DSN Group, Inc. can help you use @Microsoft technology to streamline daily tasks for frontline workers.

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Meeting the Security Challenges of Hybrid Work

Cyber attackers took advantage of organizations’ weaknesses during the pandemic and wreaked havoc with phishing, ransomware and supply chain attacks. How did your defenses hold up? Even if you came out unscathed, DSN Group, Inc. wants you to read this intriguing solution brief pointing out the advantages of @Citrix DaaS with Chrome OS to create a comprehensive and safe solution to keep employees productive.

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