What Does ‘Flexible Work’ Really Mean?

As experimentation with hybrid work models goes on, one thing has become clear, putting workers in control is a sure-fire road to success. Has this been your experience? Read this @Microsoft blog to discover the key to making flexible work, work. Reach out if you’d like to talk with an expert from DSN Group, Inc. on how we can help you plan a successful, hybrid work strategy.

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Deploy Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on AWS Local Zones with Ease

AWS Local Zones are great for high-resolution and graphic-intensive apps needing on-prem data. But what happens data needs to stay close to home? DSN Group, Inc. invites you to read this blog showing how to deploy @Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on AWS Local Zones to bring compute and storage closer to users with a few simple steps.

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Meet with Me

For decades, technology has been positioned as something to fear rather than embrace on the frontlines. Book a meeting to discuss how the team at DSN Group, Inc. can help you use @Microsoft technology to streamline daily tasks for frontline workers.

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Leveraging Your Microsoft Assets in this Remote Access World

Across industries, organizations of all sizes are shifting to remote work. Time to evaluate. Are you leveraging the #Microsoft assets you may already have in place for the #remote access solutions you need? Read this article from #NationalLawReview, then let DSN Group, Inc. help you make the most of your Microsoft assets.

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The Value of Virtualization

How did desktop virtualization and cloud-hosted thin clients enable a New England-based hospital to extend healthcare availability and essential services in a crisis? Get this eBook to learn from the hospital’s experience. A provider of virtualized desktop solutions from Citrix, DSN Group, Inc. can help you benefit from the value of virtualization at your organization.

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Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop spring refresh: What’s new and next

Due to the massive workforce shift from working in-office to working remotely, the demand for Windows Virtual Desktop has increased. Microsoft continues to work around the clock to ensure its customers have best-in-class experiences with the Azure Migration Program, an enhanced Teams experience, and more. Check out the newest updates and what you can expect in the future, and contact DSN Group, Inc. to learn more.

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Five Benefits And Three Challenges Technology Can Bring To Global Companies

You know that #technology in the workplace helps connect your teams and resources. But do you know the specifics?

Chief among the benefits of using teamwork-boosting #technology in the workplace is faster communication, enhanced efficiency, and reduced business costs. Sound good? Read the full story here and contact our team at DSN Group, Inc. to give your company an updated #Teamworksolution from #Microsoft.

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