Leveraging Your Microsoft Assets in this Remote Access World

Across industries, organizations of all sizes are shifting to remote work. Time to evaluate. Are you leveraging the #Microsoft assets you may already have in place for the #remote access solutions you need? Read this article from #NationalLawReview, then let DSN Group, Inc. help you make the most of your Microsoft assets.

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Citrix and Microsoft: Showcasing Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix Workspace

Whether collaborating in Microsoft Teams, watching videos or accessing files, your remote employees need seamless access to Microsoft Windows. DSN Group, Inc. delivers optimized access to Windows 10 virtual desktops via Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Watch this video for a walkthrough of the user experience.

#Windows10 #VirtualAppsandDesktops 

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Taking a step to the cloud with Citrix and WVD

 Looking for the best way to deliver Windows Virtual Desktop in a hybrid cloud? DSN Group, Inc. recommends viewing this infographic on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, perfect for scaling to the cloud while maintaining on-premises investments, resources, and policies.

#WindowsVirtualDesktop #VirtualAppsandDesktops

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The Value of Virtualization

How did desktop virtualization and cloud-hosted thin clients enable a New England-based hospital to extend healthcare availability and essential services in a crisis? Get this eBook to learn from the hospital’s experience. A provider of virtualized desktop solutions from Citrix, DSN Group, Inc. can help you benefit from the value of virtualization at your organization.

#Citrix #virtualization

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What is Teams?

Learn why you’ll have the best work collaboration with #Microsoft Teams Meetings and Calling. This video shows you all the features you need to bring your team together:

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