6 ways application delivery optimization drives customer happiness and business growth

Optimized app delivery is a huge factor in customer happiness and the overall growth of your business. Looking for ideas to boost customer satisfaction? You’ll probably want to download this white paper by @Citrix that shows the six ways optimized app delivery can propel your business. And if you’d like to hear more DSN Group, Inc. can demonstrate these and other Citrix solutions.

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What Does ‘Flexible Work’ Really Mean?

As experimentation with hybrid work models goes on, one thing has become clear, putting workers in control is a sure-fire road to success. Has this been your experience? Read this @Microsoft blog to discover the key to making flexible work, work. Reach out if you’d like to talk with an expert from DSN Group, Inc. on how we can help you plan a successful, hybrid work strategy.

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Deploy Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on AWS Local Zones with Ease

AWS Local Zones are great for high-resolution and graphic-intensive apps needing on-prem data. But what happens data needs to stay close to home? DSN Group, Inc. invites you to read this blog showing how to deploy @Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on AWS Local Zones to bring compute and storage closer to users with a few simple steps.

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Meet with Me

For decades, technology has been positioned as something to fear rather than embrace on the frontlines. Book a meeting to discuss how the team at DSN Group, Inc. can help you use @Microsoft technology to streamline daily tasks for frontline workers.

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Welcome to Citrix DaaS

Paying for more than what you need is never smart. How many services have you bought that you rarely use? DSN Group, Inc. wants you to see this intriguing video about @Citrix DaaS. It’s the consumption-based solution that enables you to deliver desktops from the cloud within minutes. You only pay for what you use, and your users receive high-def experiences with faster logons and secure access to the essential apps and data they need.

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How to Protect Your Apps and APIs Across Multicloud Environments

Your apps and API are your most valuable assets. What’s your strategy for protecting them against cyber threats? Feel free to share what works for you in the comments. Download this eBook to learn how @Citrix Web App and API Protection (CWAAP) can help you provide holistic, proven and layered protection against known and zero-day attacks, bring ease of use and simplicity to a complex security landscape, and protect any app in any cloud.

Contact DSN Group, Inc. to discuss how our experts can help you keep apps and APIs secure.

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Securing Access to Internal Apps with a Zero Trust Approach

How can you provide a zero trust approach that gives your hybrid workforce access to vital files and apps? 🙄 Consider sharing ideas here in the comments. For more, download this eBook on how @Citrix Secure Workspace Access enables zero trust and improves user experience by providing secure, single sign-on access to every app and file even on untrusted, personal devices. Reach out to DSN Group, Inc. to discuss how our experts can help.

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On-Premises to Cloud: A Workspace Service Journey

87% of companies will accelerate their cloud migration in the near future. Comment if you know your timeframe. Download this whitepaper to explore the benefits of moving your Citrix services to the cloudincluding simplified installation, management, upgrades and integrations. Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help navigate your move in 5 simple steps.

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Leveraging Your Microsoft Assets in this Remote Access World

Across industries, organizations of all sizes are shifting to remote work. Time to evaluate. Are you leveraging the #Microsoft assets you may already have in place for the #remote access solutions you need? Read this article from #NationalLawReview, then let DSN Group, Inc. help you make the most of your Microsoft assets.

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