Retail Trends Playbook

Why scramble to adapt to the changing retail landscape when the @Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook can help you strategize a winning retail game plan. Get your playbook here.👇 After reviewing it, consider reaching out to a Microsoft Cloud for Retail expert from DSN Group, Inc. for recommendations on taking your retail operation to the next level.

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Your Guide to Mobile Digital Forensics

Mobile forensics is fast-moving. What challenges have your investigators come up against? In this blog post, find tips and guidance for approaching an investigation, avoiding common mistakes, building a strong forensics team and staying positive when things get frustrating.😊 Get the guide. Get in touch for a one-on-walk through from a DSN Group, Inc. digital forensics expert.

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Retailers are Partnering with Microsoft to Connect Customers, People & Data

Consumers have come to expect personalized experiences at every touchpoint and the only way to deliver this is through analytics-powered insights. Microsoft Cloud for Retail enables retailers to transform the customer experience by unlocking and making actionable these valuable consumer insights.

Get in touch for in-depth consultation from a DSN Group, Inc. @Microsoft expert.

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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Migration Overview

Watch this video to see how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Program accelerates your transition to an on-prem Dynamics solution to the Azure cloud. How can DSN Group, Inc. help you make the move with minimal risk? Share your thoughts.

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Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Migration Overview

Modernizing on-prem solutions is top-of-mind for many Microsoft customers. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Program, you can simplify the journey. Watch this video for a look at how you can use cutting-edge technology to cut costs, reduce complexity and improve IT productivity. Let us know if you’d like to discuss next steps with an expert from DSN Group, Inc..

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Hacker Hunting and Built-in Protections with Microsoft Azure

What’s the best way to prevent attacks on your data? Share your tips in the comments.

Looking to modernize your data protection approach? DSN Group, Inc. recommends Microsoft Azure for its built-in security features.

This video shows how Azure stops hackers in their tracks. Watch it to see how Azure anticipates and resolves threats with future proof tools built for the cloud.

Contact us to discuss how the team at DSN Group, Inc. can get you started using Azure’s robust suite of data storage and security tools.

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Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters

What is the best way to make reliable datacenters and manage IT infrastructure across the cloud?

Watch “Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters” and “like” if you like what Microsoft delivers in the cloud.

Comment if you’d like help from DSN Group, Inc.making the most of Microsoft cloud.  

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How Microsoft 365 Empowers Remote Workers and Protects Data

With Microsoft 365, you can keep remote workers productive and your organization’s data secure. How is this enabled in a hybrid work environment? This video provides a walkthrough of important steps. Let us know in the comments if you’d like to discuss next steps with an expert from DSN Group, Inc..

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