Meeting the Security Challenges of Hybrid Work

Cyber attackers took advantage of organizations’ weaknesses during the pandemic and wreaked havoc with phishing, ransomware and supply chain attacks. How did your defenses hold up? Even if you came out unscathed, DSN Group, Inc. wants you to read this intriguing solution brief pointing out the advantages of @Citrix DaaS with Chrome OS to create a comprehensive and safe solution to keep employees productive.

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A successfully set up hybrid office is one that provides space for human moments. Book a meeting to discuss how a @Microsoft expert from DSN Group, Inc. can help you make “human moments” happen regularly.

When a hybrid work environment is properly set up, “human moments” happen where people are energized to empathize with each other, enhancing organizational culture and collaboration. Book a meeting to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help you create a hybrid work environment where “human moments” happen.

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Welcome to Citrix DaaS

Paying for more than what you need is never smart. How many services have you bought that you rarely use? DSN Group, Inc. wants you to see this intriguing video about @Citrix DaaS. It’s the consumption-based solution that enables you to deliver desktops from the cloud within minutes. You only pay for what you use, and your users receive high-def experiences with faster logons and secure access to the essential apps and data they need.

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5 Ways Citrix and Google are Simplifying Your Cloud Transition

IT professionals are searching for hybrid work solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, secure and flexible. How does your solution meet those requirements? If you think you could be doing better, DSN Group, Inc. suggests reading this blog showing how @Citrix and Google Cloud have teamed up to deliver Citrix DaaS, the cost-saving solution meeting the needs of big and small enterprises.

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The Strength of Simplicity

Cyber threats can deeply affect your plans for a distributed workforce. How has your team protected itself from the bad guys? If you think you could be doing better, DSN Group, Inc. recommends this eye-opening eBook from the professionals at @Citrix. You’ll find that the combination of Citrix and OS gives you the ability to strengthen and simplify your security at multiple levels.


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The ‘New Normal’ Also Applies to the Cyber Threat Landscape

In efforts to adapt to hybrid work norms, threat actors are adopting their own new normal. What do you need to know to protect your organization? Get insight from Deep Instinct. Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help your organization thrive in our hybrid work norm.


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The Future of Hybrid Work: 5 Key Questions Answered with Data

We’re not returning to the workplace we left in 2020. What are employees anticipating going forward? According to a Gallup survey of over 140,000 U.S. employees, hybrid work is the future. Read this for recommendations on 5 key questions to ask when transitioning to hybrid work.

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