What Does ‘Flexible Work’ Really Mean?

As experimentation with hybrid work models goes on, one thing has become clear, putting workers in control is a sure-fire road to success. Has this been your experience? Read this @Microsoft blog to discover the key to making flexible work, work. Reach out if you’d like to talk with an expert from DSN Group, Inc. on how we can help you plan a successful, hybrid work strategy.

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Meet with Me

For decades, technology has been positioned as something to fear rather than embrace on the frontlines. Book a meeting to discuss how the team at DSN Group, Inc. can help you use @Microsoft technology to streamline daily tasks for frontline workers.

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Your Guide to Mobile Digital Forensics

Mobile forensics is fast-moving. What challenges have your investigators come up against? In this blog post, find tips and guidance for approaching an investigation, avoiding common mistakes, building a strong forensics team and staying positive when things get frustrating.😊 Get the guide. Get in touch for a one-on-walk through from a DSN Group, Inc. digital forensics expert.

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5 Lessons We’ve Learned From Leading a Hybrid Organization for 8 Years

When and how to bring people back into the office is top-of-mind for many business leaders. What is and isn’t working for you? Alexi Robichaux, CEO of hybrid-first company BetterUp, shares 5 lessons learned from leading a hybrid organization. Get in touch to discuss how DSN Group, Inc. can help you apply these lessons to your company’s hybrid work goals and challenges.


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Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters

What is the best way to make reliable datacenters and manage IT infrastructure across the cloud?

Watch “Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters” and “like” if you like what Microsoft delivers in the cloud.

Comment if you’d like help from DSN Group, Inc.making the most of Microsoft cloud.  

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6 ways digitalization Is empowering women around the world

Technology is an ally for companies working toward gender equality—but it’s so much more than that. Discover six ways digitalization is empowering women around the world. From rural education to entrepreneurship, technology and digitalization are giving a voice to those who previously didn’t have one, helping women strive for excellence in all areas of life. Contact DSN Group, Inc. to learn how you can help bring meaningful change through technology for the women in your company.

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Thrive with employee experience

What’s your best estimate of the percentage of employees at your organization who are fully engaged at work? What percent is actively disengaged? Share here and get this research report from @Citrix to see how your organization compares. Get in touch to learn how the employee experience experts at DSN Group, Inc. can help you improve your numbers.

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6 ways to kickstart DevSecOps

DevOps methodologies provide businesses with a faster and more efficient way to do code—and organizations are turning to DevSecOps as the solution to harden security and address compliance at the same time.

Starting DevSecOps practices can be challenging, especially when working with siloed teams, or when there is reluctance to add security and compliance checks to the delivery pipelines—but we are here to help.

Sign up to stay connected and download 6 ways to kickstart DevSecOps—and get started integrating security into your practices.

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