Embracing AI Transformation

How is the recent emergence of generative AI technology affecting your company’s transformation strategy? Read this blog to find out what innovative and pragmatic steps @Microsoft partners from Bayer to Walmart are taking to achieve better business outcomes with the Microsoft Cloud.

DM us to discuss your AI transformation in the MS Azure Cloud.

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Reinventing Microsoft’s Employee Experience for a Hybrid World

Get lessons learned from @Microsoft journey to hybrid work. Learn how the tech leader transformed employee experience, and fostered innovation and collaboration for employees working remotely and in-office. Read the case study to get tips on how to apply these lessons to your organization’s hybrid work strategy.

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Azure Active Directory Demo

What settings are available in Azure AD to help you manage B2B collaboration and B2B direct connect with external Azure AD organizations? Receive a free Azure Active Directory Demo with an expert from our team when you schedule direct.

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Ransomware by Industry Image

What 3 industries are hit hardest by ransomware? Comment if you think you know Check back next week for answers and insight 💡 on other ransomware-related questions, like: “What specific types of companies do hackers avoid attacking?”

Predicting ransomware trends is hard. Your best option is investing in the right security tools and solutions. DSN Group, Inc. recommends Microsoft Azure for its built-in cloud security. Get in touch to learn more.

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