VMware EVO:RAIL and the buzz around hyper-converged infrastructure

VM Ware

Event topic: VMware EVO:RAIL and the buzz around hyper-converged infrastructure.

John Howell will define what VMware EVO:RAIL is and how it helps organizations simplify the management of ever growing virtual environments. We will explain how EVO:RAIL reduces costs and how it speeds up virtual deployments. He’ll explain what’s special about Fujitsu’s hyper-converged version of EVO:RAIL. We will break down the components that are included in the Fujitsu Integrated System Appliance for VMware EVO:RAIL.

Attend this presentation & indoor skydiving session if your organization is:

  • Looking for a better understanding of VMware EVO:RAIL.
  • Trying to understand how hyper-converged infrastructure fits into your organization.
  • Frustrated by the increased costs and slow implementation of additional virtual compute resources.
  • Adding virtualization software, servers or storage in the near future.
  • Limited to a small IT staff.
  • Managing IT infrastructure at remote office locations.
  • Looking for a simple approach for virtualization.

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