Early look at Microsoft Threat Protection

36% of universities are hit by a cyberattack every hour, and these attacks are constantly growing and shifting in complexity. It is very difficult for a university to always stay on top of the latest attack strategies.

With Microsoft Threat Protection, you can add over 3,500 security experts and AI resources to your IT team. These experts are constantly monitoring and responding to threats in real time, so your valuable intellectual and student data will never be left unprotected.

Interested in how these features can apply to your institution? Check out this video and contact us to learn more.

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Digital transformation in education: Smart and secure campus

Universities are responsible for securing personal information, academic resources, and actual physical locations. It’s no wonder that many schools have enacted multiple security solutions to handle each of these threat landscapes. Unfortunately, these systems often don’t interact, and the schools are investing time and money into a patchwork of systems that is full of holes.

Microsoft Smart and Secure Campus is a comprehensive solution comprised of multiple integrated solutions that will reduce cost and IT burden.

At DSN Group, Inc., we can help you find the perfect combination for your school.

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Protecting Azure resources with Recovery Services vault

Your data is important. You need the best data recovery service on the market. At DSN Group, Inc., we know how to help you integrate the solutions that meet your needs.

With file and folder backup and recovery, virtual machine backup and recovery, and SQL running on IaaS VMs, Azure Recovery Services vault gives users a strong feature set and an easy-to-use data protection service for businesses to protect their data.

With Azure, your data is safe. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you integrate the suite of tools you need to recover your data.

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Three steps to a new paradigm for disaster recovery and backup

There’s a scourge of cyberattacks happening daily to businesses large and small all over the world. With DSN Group, Inc. at your side, back up your data to a cloud platform you can trust.

Azure Backup protects your application data with zero capital investment and minimal operating costs. It can retain your data for up to 99 years to meet regulatory requirements. Enable multifactor authentication, create alerts for suspicious online backup activity, and counteract unauthorized retention or deletions.

We know adopting a new solution is tough. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Losing data is a real problem. IT must ensure it never happens, despite server crashes, power outages, or natural disasters. At DSN Group, Inc., we want you to have the right tools to prevent the unthinkable.

With Microsoft Azure, disaster recovery with Site Recovery, you can set up and test your disaster recovery solution in just 3 easy steps, and no need to pay for additional infrastructure. You’re just minutes away from total peace of mind.

Azure offers a business continuity solution that will seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. Contact us today to find out more on how we can help.

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Advanced threat protection: An integrated cybersecurity solution

81% of breaches are caused by compromised user accounts. For educational institutions with a constantly shifting student user base and a large number of external users, including adjunct professors and parents, keeping these accounts secure can be a real challenge.

That’s why Azure Active Directory Identity Protection monitors for and blocks risky sign-ins. It can track who is allowed to access what, and uses AI analytics to ensure the sign-ins are legitimate.

At DSN Group, Inc., we want to keep the focus on your students and educators. Let us handle the rest.

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Citrix Cloud: How It Works

Optimize security, efficiency and performance with intelligent resource use & by storing apps & data in the cloud. Watch this video to discover how & contact DSN Group, Inc. when you’re ready to start.

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The total economic impact of Microsoft Office 365 threat intelligence

When it comes to deciding how much money to dedicate to security, schools may feel caught between balancing budget and peace of mind.

At DSN Group, Inc., we don’t believe you should have to make that choice. By reducing complexity with a single, strong defense like Microsoft Threat Intelligence, you can actually save your school valuable dollars and your IT professionals valuable hours. A Forrester economic impact study estimated an average of 27,000 IT hours saved due to improved threat detection and response rates.

Take back the choice. Contact us to learn more.

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SANS Review: Securing Your Endpoints with Carbon Black

To combat the worsening threat landscape, a lot of organizations pile more tools onto their security stacks. DSN Group, Inc. offers a better approach with cloud-based endpoint security from Carbon Black that both simplifies security operations and provides advanced threat protection. Read this SANS report for insight.

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