Introducing Zerto, your all-in-one CDP solution

The value of continuous data protection in a ransomware recovery solution is priceless. Tell us if you’re concerned about a ransomware attack and we’ll have one of our experts reach out. In the meantime, download this eye-opening eBook showing how @Zerto uses innovative methods to detect encryption anomalies and protect your enterprise infrastructure across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Is a Return to Office a Return to Creativity?

Employees need to work together in the same office environment to generate the teamwork and creativity your organization needs to be productive. How does that statement square with your experience using hybrid workspaces? Download this @Microsoft analyst report showing that sparking creativity is more than just having teams in the same physical space, and that hybrid workspaces can lead to fonts of creativity.

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Scary DR Stories 2023 Recap

An effective data protection portfolio must include a solution that specializes in enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery in virtual and cloud environments. How confident are you in your current disaster recovery plan? Read this important blog highlighting the advantages of @Zerto and showing how disaster headaches can be avoided.

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2023 Ransomware Preparedness: Lighting the Way to Readiness and Mitigation

It’s crucial to acknowledge that ransomware poses a significant and immediate threat that can’t be ignored. How well do you sleep knowing the dangers out there? If you want a bigger picture of current ransomware threats, download your complimentary copy of the eye-opening ESG report, “2023 Ransomware Preparedness: Lighting the Way to Readiness and Mitigation.” Tell us if you’d like to hear how our cybersecurity experts can help you plan and implement strategies to help your organization avoid becoming another ransomware statistic.

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Introducing Surface Laptops

Wouldn’t you like a laptop with 12th Generation Intel Core processors, 17 hours of battery life, with a sleek design, super quiet keyboard and a vibrant touchscreen in colors like sage green and rose gold?

Of course, you would.

Watch the video on the @Microsoft Surface Laptop 5. 👉

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Reinventing Microsoft’s Employee Experience for a Hybrid World

Get lessons learned from @Microsoft journey to hybrid work. Learn how the tech leader transformed employee experience, and fostered innovation and collaboration for employees working remotely and in-office. Read the case study to get tips on how to apply these lessons to your organization’s hybrid work strategy.

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HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery — 3 Minute Overview

An ideal platform provides unified access and user experience for viewing and orchestrating networking and data services, as well as recovery from a catastrophic cyber-attack. How does your platform measure up? If you’re looking for a more advanced partner, watch this video about the @HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud platform. This is the backup-as-a-service solution that helps you recover from disasters and efficiently protect your virtualized workloads and applications.

@HPE GreenLake

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