A Problem Organizations Cannot Ignore

Did you know ransomware is now the primary security concern for organizations? That was true even before the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack made global headlines for impacting more than 230,000 organizations in over 150 countries. Not only are the number of attacks up in 2017, but the actual ransom demands (usually money) are up as well.…

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Renewed Focus on Productivity

We’ve all heard of “costs and standards of living” as it relates to wages, salaries, and benefits, but did you ever think about how that amount is calculated? It actually all boils down to productivity and the fact that in any given hour, you can produce more in terms of products and services than your…

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One Billion Passwords Have Been Compromised!

In a news report it was revealed that up to 1 billion passwords have been compromised. As an IT professional we know to do. Quickly either delete the affected account or change the password. And if we use the same password or naming convention, all other accounts we have get changed too. Even with the…

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Microsoft Windows 7


Microsoft has officially stopped selling Windows 7. Wait a minute and let that sink in. Windows 7 Professional was cleared for sale until October 31st and is no longer available. Unless there is stock currently available at a store. Windows 10 is listed as being supported indefinitely because, according to Microsoft, it’s the last version…

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Recent Security News

I recently read an article about the NSA getting hacked. A group called Shadow Brokers claimed they hacked Equation Group (and based on the story I read, Equation Group is an NSA entity). The article went on to say that the group published what it claims are sophisticated software tools (cyber weapons) and posted that…

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Strategies For Defending Against Malware

At one time or another, almost everyone has been infected with Malware or Viruses. The telltale signs are a slower responding PC, Popups, Blue Screen, Browser home page is odd or unknown hard drive activity. And any PC on a network has the potential risk of sharing that Malware.  So what are the best strategies to…

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